Community Summit

Community Summit

In the framework of the Fifth African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons – Idlelo 5, FOSSFA is inviting all members, stakeholders, actors and users of information and communication technology to the Community Summit.

Community Summit for what?

The Community Summit is a type of “un-conference”. It is not a very formal IT conference. The aim of the community summit is to bring users into direct contact with technology experts. This is the right place for you to raise all types of questions, personal or group and get answers to them. FOSSFA will endeavour to invite experts from the field of mechanics, software, software development, hardware, mobile technologies, everyday computer use, career guides, businesses, vendors, service experts, policy advisors, and experts in localisation, programming languages, webmastering, social networks, research and project implementation.

Where is the Community Summit taking place?

Will be updated soon.

What are the dates?

The Community Summit is a half-day event. Dates will be announced soon. It usually happens in before the Idlelo Conference.

Who can attend?

Everybody is welcome to attend.

How much does it cost?

There are no fees for the summit. Entrance is free

What if I want to raise an issue that I want to see discussed?

You are welcome to raise any issues. You can send them even before the summit through email to

What if I want to do a mini-workshop?

You are welcome. We will use a big auditorium that we may split up for groups. Please plan accordingly

Will FOSSFA Provide lunch?

A light refreshment is scheduled. You can contribute to make it heavier, if you wish

Is there Internet Connection?

We will advise soon.

Can I become a partner or sponsor?

Yes. Please contact and as quickly as possible

Where can I get more information about FOSSFA and the Idlelo conference?

Information about FOSSFA is on the website Information about Idlelo is on the website