Hosting Idlelo 7


Bids to host the 7th African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons is now open.

Who can submit a proposal? What are the criteria?

  • Be a FOSSFA member
  • Be sure of government buy in
  • Have a National network of FOSS actors
  • Propose a host Institution
  • Be sure of at least 3 national partners
  • Capacity to organise a high-level IT conference

How do I submit a bid?

By sending the proposal to the following email addresse:

When will I know the result?

The host for Idlelo 7 should be known during the closing ceremony of Idlelo 6.

Can one country host Idlelo twice?

So far, Idlelo has gone to:

  • Southern Africa (South Africa)
  • Eastern Africa (Kenya)
  • Francophone West Africa (Senegal)
  • Anglophone West Africa (Ghana).
  • Anglophone West Africa (Nigeria).

All countries have equal chances to bid. For regions or countries where Idlelo has not be held before, bidders may add that information in their proposal.

When exactly is Idlelo 7?

Idlelo 7 will most preferably be in the first quarter of 2016.

When is the last date for bidding?

March 1st 2014

Where can I get more information, who will answer my questions?

Send all inquiries to